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I am writing this letter of recommendation for the services of CJ lighting. Charles and his team do an excellent job. They are punctual, considerate and keep their commitments. They are reasonably priced and the quality of their work is outstanding. It is without question that I recommend CJ Outdoor lighting for any services that you may need.

Howard W. Randolph III

I would like to recommend Charles Frederick and his lighting services. He has worked at our Delaware County, PA property for more than 10 years and has always been professional, punctual and courteous. I feel that his pricing is competitive. The nature of his work involved not only installing equipment but also maintaining it every spring and fall. He works outside our home but of course comes inside to adjust timers due to daylight savings time. I have never hesitated to have Charles come inside our house because he has always been respectful (taking his shoes off, etc) and friendly. It’s important to me to hire someone who is not only competent in the job that they do and who is fair in their pricing, but who I can trust to be in my home. After 10 years, I am happy to say that Charles Frederick is one of those people.

Cynthia T

We have been using Charles Fredrick of CJ Outdoor Lighting for over 10yrs for our landscape lighting. Charles is just a phone call away and shows up on time! He has given us excellent service from installing lights to changing out older lighting from years ago to new LED lighting. When Charles leaves it was like he was never there! We highly recommend CJ Outdoor Lighting.

Louise Hellings

We purchased the Services of Charles Fredrick to design and install an Outdoor Lighting Plan for the front of our new home.
Mr Frederick was creative, prompt. responsive, and Economical. We are thrilled with the Lighting Plan which Greatly enhances the appearance of our Home. I would highly recommend Mr. Fredrick to all new clients.
Lewis Gantman

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