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Winterization Services

When getting your lawn ready for winter, we recommend starting as early as possible. We usually start preparing around late summer. We do this so we can avoid any damage to your systems that could occur if there were an early winter. Winterizing is the process of clearing your system of any water that may be present in the line. This must be performed before the temperature starts to go below freezing. 

Our expert contractor can perform this daunting task for you using an professional air compressor. They will need to access the clock that controls your irrigation system allowing them to turn off the water to the line. In most of our cases, it in the basement where our contractors are able to shut off the water flow to the irrigation system. This can be a time consuming process that can lead to damage done to the system if not performed correctly. We highly recommend leaving this to the experts here at CJ’s. 

With our 25 years of experience, we can help you prepare your irrigation system ready for the winter months. With our help, you will be able to avoid damage to your system over the winter. We pride ourselves in our quality of work performed on any job. With every job, we look to establish a long lasting friendship with our clients. Give us a call today and we can start to plan out the winterization process.

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